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Jemmtek Resources Nigeria Limited Upstream Production and Process Chemicals supply with specialized services are as detailed below. The areas where we can deploy our services based on extensive years of experience in the field across the region (Nigeria and other African countries) are not limited to land and swamp field, but chemical application in the shallow and deep-water environment is possible and our capability on delivery is available.

  1. Fluid Separation: Treating oil, water and gas to exportable and environmental discharge standards. Using field screened and suitable demulsifiers and water clarifiers on your live crude oil samples.
  2. Scale Treatment: Treating oilfield mineral scales ( carbonate, suplhate) deposition on the topside and downhole well can be squeeze if need be using broad range scale inhibitors and squeeze design methodology. Scale causes plugging of lines and vessels internal diameter reduction.
  3. Paraffin (Wax) Treatment: Crude oil analysis in our laboratory to detect pour point then recommending effective paraffin inhibitors and dispersants on the topside equipment and continuous injection through tubing if the severity level of deposition is low. If high, squeeze application is recommended.
  4. Corrosion: Fluid analysis to know the water chemistry and recommending broad range corrosion inhibitors in pipeline and process vessels.
  5. Bacteria Analysis: produced fluid culture to detect bacteria type and range using specialize kits. Follow up by biocides recommendation and injection with different formulated chemistries (alternating chemistries to prevent bacteria immunity to one product).
  6. Oxygen And H2S Scavenging: Oxygen analysis by chemetric method and H2S analysis by dragger of crude oil and water phase to prevent hazards to live due to corrosion, even H2S exposure that is detrimental to health and as well as reducing crude oil value if in excess in dehydrated crude. Kits for H2S check will be ordered on request by our clients.
  7. Reservoir Remediation: Jemmtek Resources production enhancements through reservoir cleaning using restore program, mesophase and microcure technologies with our partners.
  8. Defoaming: Foam prevention in crude oil stream.
  9. TSA: Specialized services for facilities and chemical application points determination or improvement to fluid separation.
  10. Drag Reducer/Flow Improvement: Jemmtek Resources Limited Nigeria in conjunction with our partner outside the country will check on why there is pressure differential and implement a flow improvement strategy/programme using best in class drag reducing agent chemical application.
  11. Pipeline Hydrotesting: New pipelines awaiting commissioning, requiring protection or vessels on standby for future use can be mothballed by bulking different types of chemicals calculated for the period desired.
  12. Flow Assurance Advice: On process vessels, piping and best injection points to eliminate fluid separation challenges. Also to introduce suitable products after thorough field analytical approach not compromising safety, standard and ethics of which we do business.
  13. Commodities Chemicals Supply: TEG, MEG & Methanol for gas dehydration. Keeping your gas dry for export or power plant consumption.